"Trust that you are here for a reason."

This was one of the main points that our instructors preached throughout our first day, and after going through introductions, I can certainly see why. Physicist, chemist, 20+ years of professional experience, Masters and Doctorate degrees galore, the list of accolades and accomplishments goes on and on. There were even multiple people who have never even lived in the US before, but relocated specifically to be a part of this program. Ah-may-zing. 

It would be easy to look around the room and feel very intimidated. In fact, I did. But the key thing to keep in mind, and the reason why that quote stuck with me, is because our differences and diverse backgrounds only make us stronger, as a group learning with and from one another, and as individuals who are striving towards a common goal, everyone has something positive to contribute. It's a great and empowering feeling to be surrounded by so many brilliant people who share the same drive and goals.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of Week 1 has in store.